New Year's Eve in Chicago

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Happy New Year! And welcome to my new blog! After graduating from college in June with a degree in Literature and a desire to travel, I moved to Singapore. I’m an American who grew up in the Northeast and the South with parents from two different cultures (Italian American and Peranakan Singaporean); I’ve always assumed that this in-between upbringing and mixed ethnicity led to my desire to explore. I recently realized that I wanted to keep a record of any cool finds I’ve been to during my travels. This blog will span from my study abroad experience in Paris to my current home in Singapore as well as all the travels in between.

The name Kaya on Brioche is meant to signify a mix of cultures. Kaya is an amazing Singaporean spread that one eats with toast. Brioche is a French bread. In college I had the blog Toast and Nutella, so I thought I’d continue the whole bread and spread theme.

I hope you enjoy the blog! With the New Year, I give you my first find for 2015 in Chicago. If you happen to be in Wicker Park on New Year’s Eve and all the bars have closed, take a stop at Glazed & Infused. I had the good pleasure of happening on it early New Year’s Day (or late New Year’s Eve), picked up their chocolate donut and had a scrumptious treat while I huddled underneath the heat lamp waiting indefinitely for the el. There’s a certain comradery on New Year’s Eve between those cold and waiting, and our donuts were great conversation starters and objects of envy.

Glazed & Infused is part of a larger store in Wicker Park right next to the el, but they had a small storefront open to satisfy the late-nighters. Even though I limited myself to one donut, that chocolate donut was worth it. There are a few Chicago locations, but if you happen to run into one, give it a try!

Illustration by my sister, Lauren Monaco.

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What a wonderful blog! I can't wait to try one of these donuts!